European Training course for Teachers and Trainers on
Gender-based Discrimination and Homophobia
(October 2008)

KomBi offers a training course on Homophobia and Gender-based
addressed to persons working in the educational sector
(school or adult education).
Comenius or Grundtvig grants are available for
applicants from EU member states (except
Germany), Turkey, Iceland,
and Liechtenstein.

Strategies and Practical Tools Challenging Homophobia and 
Gender-based Discrimination in formal and non-formal 
Education for Teachers and Trainers

Date: 16th to 24th October 2008
Berlin (Germany)

The main objective of this course is an increased awareness of perspectives 
of inclusion in educational settings with the focus on gender stereotypes in a 
binary gender system, heteronormativity and homophobia.

This course has been accredited and it is listed in the Comenius-Grundtvig 
Training Database
, reference number "DE-2008-794-001". Find more 
information about the training course in the European database 
of accredited training courses here:

Comenius-Grundtvig Training Database

Pedagogues working in the educational sector (school or adult education) can 
apply for an In-Service Training Grant from the European Commission’s new 
Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) and receive a grant of up to 1500 Euro for
a 5 day training course. If you are interested in participating in this course 
and want to apply for a Comenius- or Grundtvig grant for the course, please consult the attached documents.

You can apply for an In-Service Training Grant for this course to your
National Agency until June 30th 2008.

Background information on the EU Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)

Information about Application for the course (.pdf)

Pre-Registration form (.doc)