European Workshop for Adult Learners on Anti-discrimination and Diversity (April 2010)

Anti-discrimination in practice:
Understanding discrimination, learning about diversity and sharing ideas on taking action against sexist, racist and homophobic remarks 

Date: 12th to 16th April 2010
Berlin (Germany)

Grundtvig Workshops bring together individual or small groups of learners from several countries for an innovative multinational learning experience relevant for their personal development and learning needs, in which learners are also encouraged to share their competences and insights actively with others.This workshop will have 14 learners and take place in Berlin.

This workshop is adressed to participiants from 18 without prior knowledhe/precognitions regarding anti-discrimination and  diversity, who wish to learn about these subjectsin an interactive experience based and action oriented way and who are looking for an exchange of ideas and experience. Applicants may come from the EU Member states (except Germany), Turkey, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

The main objective is to enable participants to find their individual access to the concepts of diversity and the idea of anti-discrimination. This shall be achieved by transfering knowledge on diversity, by raising awareness for the relevance of diversity categories in social interaction and by developing and exchanging individual strategies tackling sexist, racist and homophobic remarks.

The course uses a variety of methodologies focusing on interactive and cooperative learning activities. There will be a mix of workshop-based working and lectures or presentations with discussions. Most of the sessions will be workshop-based involving awareness raising activities, individual reflection, pair work, small group activities, peer teaching sessions, simulations, discussions and practical training practises. 

Find more information about this workshop in the Grundtvig Workshop Catalogue of the European Commission (page 73):

Grundtvig Workshop Catalogue 

(Note: The course date has been shifted to April 2010)

Find more information about the workshop and application here:

Information about Application for the course (.pdf)

Learner application form (.doc)