KomBi - Communication and Education  

KomBi is a non-governmental educational institution based 
in Berlin / Germany offering training and counselling on the 
issues of diversity, gender and sexual identity.

KomBi has been engaged in anti-discrimination and 
lesbian-gay emancipation since 1981 in the educational

Objectives of KomBi’s work:

The aims of KomBi’s work are fostering respect, acceptance 
and democratic consciousness, acknowledgement of social 
diversity and prevention of hate crimes.


KomBi applies a diversity approach with reference to the 
generic non-discrimination clause (Article 13) of the European
Community Treaty and Article 21 of the Charter of Fundamental 
Rights of the European Union. 

Content and focus:

The focus of the trainings lies on raising awareness of social
diversity related to skin colour, ethnic background, age, 
(dis)ability, religion, sexual identity and gender, using the 
examples of gender equality and acceptance of LGBT
(lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender) ways of life.

Pedagogical Approach:

KomBi’s main target groups are educational practitioners and 
children and youth attending schools. Based on its 
pedagogical approach of Lebensfomenpädagogik 
(Pedagogy of Ways of Life) KomBi developed educational 
concepts and tools to address sexual diversity and to 
challenge homophobia at schools and in youth work.

Target groups:

KomBi provides workshops and diversity training for
students, teachers and workers with young people. Training
and coaching for educators focus on awareness raising and 
practical information around sexual diversity and homophobia.

KomBi’s educational work is an important means 
to prevent homophobia, discrimination and hate 
crimes, as it addresses an overt gap in the education 
system. It therefore has been recommended by the 
Berlin School Board to all schools in Berlin.


European Workshop for Adult Learners on Anti-discrimination and Diversity

April 2010
European Training course for Teachers and Trainers on Homophobia and  Diversity of Genders

October 2008

January 2009

September 2009

This website is in German. For further 
information you can contact us in English:

KomBi - Kommunikation und Bildung, Kluckstr. 11
D - 10785 Berlin, Germany

Fon: +49 - 30 - 215 37 42


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